A lot has been said about last year’s spygate incident after Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa admitted to spying on all of his Championship rivals.

In January 2019, a Leeds intern was spoken to by Derbyshire Constabulary after he was spotted acting suspiciously outside Derby County’s training ground.

No arrest was made in the end but a PR firestorm was about to hit Elland Road.

Bielsa ended up admitting that he had spied on all teams he had played that season and although there was nothing written in the EFL’s rulebook about it, a rule was created and Leeds were fined a whopping £200,000 – which was paid for personally by Bielsa.

But what happened to the beanie-wearing intern who was put in the back of a police vehicle on that cold day in the East Midlands.

According to The Athletic, the intern was not sacked or disciplined by Leeds as Bielsa took full responsibility for the spygate scandal, which is now etched into Elland Road folklore for all the wrong reasons.

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Speaking amid the scandal, Bielsa said: “I am the only one responsible. I know that not everything which is legal is right to do. Of course I have a point of view (about whether his methods were legitimate) but it’s not as important as other points of view. I have to adapt to the rules that are linked to English football.”

Bielsa composed himself impeccably well during a time where fans were worried that the Argentine would quit his job at Elland Road, as he has a track record of packing up his belongings and walking out of clubs unexpectedly.

Fortunately, he stayed at Leeds and the EFL provided some kind of clarity on spying.

In other Leeds United news, this 17-year-old is future captain material for the Whites.


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