Swansea and Cardiff have been given the go-ahead by the Welsh Government to host matches behind closed doors with both teams still to play Leeds United this season.

BBC Radio Leeds journalist Adam Pope relayed news earlier this week that said Welsh sport is “good to go on” behind closed doors so that it is “in line with England”.

Leeds have two trips to South Wales in their final nine matches but both are lengthy trips for the Whites and it remains to be seen how the club will try to minimise the risk of players contracting coronavirus and it being spread around the squad.

LeedsLive journalist Beren Cross was posed a question about the team using hotels in South Wales, which is what the club would usually do because of the length of the trips.

However staying in hotels is likely to be a no-go so Cross has mooted that Leeds could book flights to Cardiff and Swansea.

Writing on the LeedsLive website, the journalist said: “My assumption would be overnight accommodation is an unnecessary risk. Staying in a hotel overnight just adds such a higher risk to all trips. The squad may well fly to Swansea and Cardiff to make those turnarounds easier on them.”

leeds united

It would take Leeds over four hours on the team coach to travel to Swansea and just under four hours to get to the Cardiff City Stadium.

There is no way that the team can be expected to get up early and make that journey, play 90 minutes of football in the summer without being at their maximum fitness and hen make that journey back home.

Flying is definitely the best and safest bet but if hotels are deemed safe to use, we might see that happen.

In other Leeds United news, a Whites fan shared image of fenced-off area at Elland Road as building work is carried out


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