The Sun journalist Alan Nixon has posted a number of updates on Twitter that reveal how the two crunch EFL votes that affect Leeds United will play out. 

The EFL set out its recommendations to finish the 19/20 campaigns in a statement last Wednesday.

They said the preference is to play the remaining fixtures but, if that’s not possible, to end it on unweighted points-per-game and stage play-offs for the remaining promotion spot.

That’s led to some confusion, which Nixon has moved to clear up.

The first vote – on whether the EFL recommendations should be ratified – will be for all 71 clubs in the EFL.

Following that, the EFL will split into divisions and vote on whether their respective leagues should continue or end on points-per-game.

Nixon then posted an EFL communication that showed how the two-step vote would work.

Nixon said that the first vote would take place on June 1 – next Monday – and that the second vote, just for Championship clubs, would take place “probably the same day”.

This is the clearest explanation we’ve seen yet of the two-tier vote that could decide Leeds United’s season.

We had previously heard that Championship clubs would have until today to vote on the first set of recommendations.

The Daily Mail concurred with Nixon, although they said the second vote – for individual leagues – would play out sometime next week, after the initial Monday vote.

That report also said that the EFL – through consultation – believes the first vote between 71 clubs will be passed.

That would set in stone the new rules brought about by the Coronavirus outbreak.

We think the individual league votes will be very different.

League Two is very likely to vote to end the season early, and League One will probably follow suit.

However, the Championship is said to be very strongly in favour of continuing – which is what Leeds want.

In fact, a story in the Mail claims that the feeling is so strong, it might not even go to a vote.

We imagine clubs like Hull will be lobbying hard to get the season curtailed this week but it sounds like they’ve got a mountain to climb to shift the view in the Championship.

That’s great news for Leeds fans who now know when they will get certainty – or as much as possible – that the rest of this season will be played on the pitch.

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