By Daniel Feliciano

6th Jan, 2023 | 7:40am

Pundit fumes at Crysencio Summerville tackle during Leeds United v West Ham United as Sky Sports footage emerges

Crysencio Summerville was lucky not to be sent off for Leeds in their draw with West Ham after his “really dangerous” tackle on Vladimir Coufal.

The Dutch winger caught the Hammers defender high up on the shin with a reckless tackle in the second half, but he was only given a yellow card before being substituted minutes later.

But according to former FIFA referee Dermot Gallagher and ex-Reading midfielder Jobi McAnuff, who were reviewing the controversial decision live on Sky Sports during their “ref watch” segment, he can count himself lucky that the referee didn’t see where he made contact, and didn’t pay attention to the marks on Coufal’s leg to make a decision.

“I wonder really if, because this is really retaliation for a foul that happened a couple of moments earlier, I wonder if the referee is looking at the upper body movement because he seems to make most of his effort with his upper body and that gets overlooked,” Gallagher said.

“Not a nice challenge and he has to be substituted because of it.”

McAnuff then added his two pence, claiming Summerville should have been sent off.

“I watched the game last night and I thought that was a poor challenge,” he said. “I thought that deserved a red, and he got taken off straight after that.

“He lost his head. He thought he should have got a foul, he didn’t get it, he lost his head and reacted. I’m surprised the referee didn’t look at the injury and say, ‘you know what, that is really dangerous,’ the fact that the tackle has been close to his knee cap. That’s high.”


Summerville is a lucky, lucky boy and it’s only fair to say that Leeds are very lucky they will be able to count on him in the coming games.

The 21-year-old showed his age after being fouled by Coufal but not getting the decision when he rushed into a tackle seconds later and took his frustration out on the Czech.

Had he been shown a red card there would have been zero complaints about it and Leeds would be without one of their most in-form players for three games, all because he lost his head for a moment.

Jesse Marsch must have a word with him to ensure that his temper doesn’t get the best out of him again in the future, because we saw last season how red cards cost the team at vital moments of the season.

Thankfully there was no lasting damage for Coufal or Leeds and we can all move on and forget about it, but don’t be surprised to see VAR even things out in the coming weeks with a dodgy call against us.

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