Stan Collymore has claimed that he is in favour of promoting Leeds United without relegating any current Premier League sides. 

The Whites are currently stuck in limbo as they await an indication on whether or not their Championship season will be completed amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

But Collymore has argued that the campaign should be curtailed early with an expanded top flight in 2020/21.

Writing in a column for the Mirror, the former Liverpool striker claimed that if he was in charge of the decision he would release a statement on Monday outlining his plan.

He said: “It would read: ‘Having ­reviewed all of the potential ­consequences, having reviewed this particular country and where we’re at on the curve, we have decided to swallow the losses and end the 2019/20 season. We will now sit down every week to work out how to mitigate the losses we will suffer and to put our houses in order.

“‘We will return, hopefully, in August or September with the 2020-21 ­season – but only if it is safe to do so.’

“Because, surely, we can wait two months if it means reducing the risk of spreading the virus. We could promote Leeds and West Brom from the Championship and say no ­relegation from the Premier League.

“That way we’ll have more games for broadcasters and more ­revenue for clubs next season to get things going again.”

leeds united

Collymore may be advocating for Leeds making a long-awaited return to the top flight, but his plan is unlikely to be a popular one around Elland Road.

Tyler Roberts revealed earlier in the week that he and his teammates “desperately” want to play their remaining fixtures to earn promotion properly, while The Athletic journalist Phil Hay has claimed that there is an “overwhelming” desire amongst players to complete the season if possible.

Denying the Whites that chance would be a real blow to the dressing room and to fans alike.

Obviously, the health and safety of players and staff have to be the priority in any potential plan to get things moving again, but if that can be assured, completing the season is definitely the solution we should be aiming for.

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