Leeds United street artist Andy McVeigh has updated his Alioski box after it was vandalised with graffiti. 

Feelings have been running high among Leeds fans after it was reported that Gjanni Alioski had signed a pre-contract deal with Turkish club Galatasaray. [Football Insider]

McVeigh has painted over the artwork in blue saying, “Alioski box. Probably best for everyone”.

He posted the image of the updated artwork on his Twitter account on Wednesday evening.


Well, this is very sad

The news about Alioski hasn’t even been confirmed yet but this feels like he’s starting to be erased from the club.

We’ve said before that it’s probably good for Alioski that there are no fans in stadiums at the moment.

The fanbase is split about his move but he wouldn’t get a good reaction from supporters and that’s the last thing Leeds need.

We can’t help but feel that this move from McVeigh means that the vandal has won but we can understand why he doesn’t want his work to make the headlines for the wrong reasons.

The way things are, even if the graffiti was cleaned up it would be targeted again by mindless idiots looking for their five minutes of fame.

It doesn’t stop us feeling very sad about it all, though.

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