By Craig Scott

9th Jul, 2020 | 7:00am

Pontus Jansson says what Thomas Frank does that Marcelo Bielsa will 'never' do

Pontus Jansson has been discussing the differences between Brentford manager Thomas Frank and his former Leeds United boss Marcelo Bielsa.

Jansson was sold by Leeds to Brentford last summer and he has since been playing a key role in what is the joint-best defence in the Championship.

Since swapping Elland Road for Griffin Park, Jansson has not shied away from talking about his former club and in this case, he has been saying how differently Frank and Bielsa approach managing their players.

Bielsa is not known for being as hands-on with his squad but Frank, clearly, is quite the opposite.

“Marcelo is never going to be as close to his players as Thomas is,” Jansson said, as quoted by London Football Scene. “We have a little group of five or six players that have a dialogue with Thomas every day; that’s not Marcelo’s [type of] leadership and how he believes in things.”

Bielsa is not like any other manager that Jansson will ever have in his career. In fact, we doubt that any current Leeds player will ever get managed by someone like the Argentine.

He is just so different to every other manager. He’s not afraid to do things completely differently or talk about the game in such an in-depth manner to journalists.

It was a bit surprising, at first, when it was said that Bielsa barely talks to his players and keeps himself quite separate to them.

But, as time has gone on, we have come to realise that questioning Bielsa’s methods is ultimately pointless and more often than not, you’ll be proven wrong.

Patrick Bamford is still his main striker. He rarely makes any changes to his starting line-up. He rarely uses his entire allocation of substitutions. He even went through a phase of declaring his starting line-up a couple of days before a match kicked off.

Bielsa is one-of-a-kind and, if he manages to seal to job of winning promotion, he will be a Leeds United legend.

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