By Mark Smith

8th Nov, 2022 | 7:10am

Phil Hay shares if Andrea Radrizzani will sack Victor Orta after Leeds United footage drops

Andrea Radrizzani is unlikely to ever sack Victor Orta at Leeds United as footage continues to swirl after the 4-3 win over Bournemouth, according to Phil Hay.

The Spaniard was once again seen confronting fans at Elland Road, chanting “sack the board” sarcastically at the full-time whistle, something he has since apologised for.

Hay admitted that if Radrizzani was tired of Orta, he would have every right to sack him, but the feeling is that they will be together until the end of their time in West Yorkshire.

Writing in his latest column for The Athletic, Hay shared that the two are likely to stick together until the very end of their time at Elland Road.

“If Andrea Radrizzani was tired of him, it would be his prerogative to sack him and advertise for someone else,” he wrote.

“Perhaps there is a certain amount of safety in numbers here, a group of like-minded executives sticking together, but the truth is that Radrizzani likes what Orta does. He values him and stands by him, to the extent that it has long been assumed that Orta will be here for at least as long as Radrizzani is.”

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There is a time and a place to show passion, and Orta continues to get it wrong recently.

It is very clear that the Spaniard has taken the chants too seriously and they are starting to affect him, whether he admits it or not, and that can be heavy on someone like him.

Orta has been drowned in passion since the moment he arrived and has pulled out some masterclass deals, but on the other hand, he has also pulled off some absolute stinkers.

That is frequent in this line of work, and we finally returned to the Premier League under his work, with more consistency now being demanded of him at the top level.

Radrizzani is rarely seen at Elland Road as much as Orta, but even Angus Kinnear looked slightly embarrassed from the outburst at the fans, which is a line you should never cross.

If Leeds fans are behind you all the way, there is no better support in football, but it works the other way and if they aren’t behind you, it can be the worst place to be.

In other Leeds United news, Fabrizio Romano has dropped a new £35.9million transfer update from Elland Road