The Athletic journalist Phil Hay would bet his house on Leeds United winning promotion via the points-per-game model if that is what he had to bet.

Leeds’ season has been on pause for over two months due to the coronavirus pandemic but even though the Bundesliga resumed on Saturday, the EFL are far from a final decision in regards to the Championship.

League Two seems as though it is going to be called to an end with final standings decided by PPG but League One comes across as being divided and what happens to the Championship is still up for debate.

leeds united

There do seem to be two possible outcomes though.

Either the EFL wait for it to be same again to resume matches behind closed doors or they end the season and use PPG to hand Leeds and West Brom automatic promotion, with the play-offs to be decided at a later date.

Former Yorkshire Evening Post journalist Hay is adamant that it will be the latter.

Speaking via his latest Phil Hay Show podcast, he said: “If you were asking me to bet my house, I think that’s the way I would go.

“At the moment, I would be putting my house on points-per-game, leading to promotion, but notwithstanding the possibility that there might be an almighty fight in the division above us about whether or not three teams are going to come down.”

leeds united

Based on the cost of testing everyone for coronavirus before each game and the threat of the disease spreading, we wouldn’t want to bet that English football will be returning any time soon, at least in the Championship.

It returned in Germany on Saturday because the virus has been controlled way better there than it has done in England.

And even then, as seen at Dynamo Dresden, things can go wrong by forcing football to return earlier than it should.

In other Leeds United news, fans were blown away by this player’s display in the Bundesliga on Saturday.


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