Leeds United are set for a large eight-figure windfall at the end of this season with each place in the Premier League worth £2.5m-£3m, according to the Phil Hay Show podcast.

Phil Hay said the levels of money are “extraordinary” in the Premier League, with one position in the top-flight worth more than an entire season of TV games in the Championship.

Leeds are on the cusp of guaranteeing their Premier League status – and on 39 points have realistically done that already with nine games left to play.

But, if any Leeds fans are thinking that leaves nothing to play for, they’d be wrong.

On the latest episode of the Phil Hay Show, Michael Normanton outlined just what is at stake for Leeds as they head into a critical summer transfer window.

“If you’re not familiar with what those numbers look like, so the TV money is divvied up in three ways,” Normanton said. “You get a basic fee, an equal share that everyone gets, that’s £75m per club, then you get £1.1m per TV appearances and you’re guaranteed a minimum of 10 of those, and it’s £3.2m per league place, it’s gone up quite significantly.

“That was adjusted slightly downwards last season as they had to do a TV rebate, so each place was worth £2.7m, so assuming it’s similar again it’s £2.5m-£3m per league place.”

Hay said, “Kinnear always makes the point that in the Championship last season Leeds made around £2m from TV money… You essentially make more by moving from 10th to 9th in the Premier League than you do from a full season of TV games in the Championship.

“The levels of money are extraordinary at this level in comparison to what Leeds have been feeding on for so long.”

Leeds United

Every game is massive

We’ve seen what Leeds can do in the transfer window and every penny we can bank between now and the summer could make a significant difference.

We paid £17m for Raphinha – or around six places in the Premier League.

Leeds could easily finish in 11th or 10th this season and that will see them bank a significant sum of money.

Burnley got a merit payment of £21m for finishing in 10th spot last season and a total sum of £115m.

At £2.5m a place, Leeds would be guaranteed an extra £10m minimum just for finishing one above the relegation zone – and we should do a lot better than that.

It’s absolutely staggering money and it really highlights the disparity between the top-flight and the Premier League.

Despite feeding at the top table now, we think this has to be addressed for the security of the game long-term.

However, what it means is that each remaining match is critical to Leeds this season, and each win should be celebrated like it’s a quarter of a great new signing.

A 10th-placed finish would be significant in footballing terms but it would be incredible in terms of money.

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