By Pranav Shahaney

11th Jan, 2023 | 10:10am

Phil Hay issues update on Jesse Marsch at Leeds United amid United States job links

Phil Hay admits that Leeds United manager Jesse Marsch would be an obvious contender for the United States National Team position.

However, the Athletic journalist claims that he still wants to continue at Leeds and get the club out of this current run of form.

He is not expected to jump ship if the American FA decides to sack Gregg Berhalter in order to appoint the Whites manager.

Speaking on the Phil Hay Show, Hay said at 38:20, “Marsch would seem to be, to me an obvious and leading contender for that job if the US’ next move was to stay local and appoint an American coach. My reading of it is, he still wants to give it a go to coach in the Premier League before he goes for it.

“If it goes really well for him at Leeds, I don’t think anyone will rush and try to get out of a coaching job in the Premier League. If he was to lose his job at Leeds and the US position was still vacant then it seems to be it would be a pretty obvious fit and a potentially very good fit but I don’t think we’re at that point yet.”

Time is running out

By the time the United States are actually looking for a manager, they may already see that Marsch is available.

He’s got to turn things around quickly as he knows that the club will not be too forgiving if they lose a few games on the spin.

Marcelo Bielsa was sacked before the club even were in the relegation zone and the American’s side have been uneasily close to the bottom three for most of the season.

He appears to be given the back in the transfer window and it’s now on him to deliver as he cannot complain about the lack of investment.

This Leeds side needs to start performing like a team rather than a sum of its individual parts and thus far we’re not seeing the cohesion that there should be.

The signings of Max Wober and Georginio Rutter should give this team a much more positive outlook but they need to get the results sooner rather than later.

In other Leeds United, the Whites are closely involved in the bidding for an international player and are even prepared to spend £14million to secure his services.