By Craig Scott

10th Dec, 2021 | 4:30pm

Phil Hay finally responds after Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani outburst on Twitter

Phil Hay has finally spoken out about Andrea Radrizzani’s Twitter outburst after the Leeds United chairman blasted his update on the club’s ownership earlier this week.

On Tuesday, Hay and Matt Slater wrote a story on The Athletic website about the 49ers having the option to take control of Leeds from Radrizzani for £400million before January 2024.

Radrizzani took offence to that story, saying he expects more from the journalists on Twitter and added in that Aser have the option to void that clause – which was already written in The Athletic’s story.

The Italian businessman then accused Slater of spreading “misinformation” and told him and Hay to “check with both sides” before writing their story.

However, it seems that Radrizzani and Aser were contacted by The Athletic but their approach seemingly fell on deaf ears.

When asked on The Phil Hay Show podcast if Radrizzani was approached for a comment by Hay before The Athletic article was published, the journalist said: “Very much so, yes. We always would with a story like this and they didn’t comment on it.

“But that doesn’t change the fact there is the tone of the piece that is written and they can take a view on that and clearly Radrizzani didn’t think that the tone of the piece on Tuesday gave enough to show the fact he’s still involved and that he might have ambitions going further with the club.

“I totally understand that – I appreciate that point of view. But I think it still comes back to the fact it’s a valid point of discussion about where this is going because it is going to be a huge thing for the club. And at some point, further down the line, I think we will see more movement.”


We’re still not really sure what Radrizzani’s outburst was about.

In the last week, we’ve seen Victor Orta getting absolutely furious with a Leeds United fan at Elland Road and now we’ve had keyboard warrior Radrizzani taking to Twitter to call out Hay.

The former Yorkshire Evening Post journalist is widely trusted by Leeds fans and it seems that Radrizzain is also happy with the reporter’s work too.

However, he took exception to this story – and we’re not sure why.

Firstly, he started ranting and raving about the option to void the deal not being in the story – but it was.

Secondly, he’s told Hay and Slater to ensure they’re contacting him before publishing a story on the Leeds ownership – but Hay says they did.

Tensions are seemingly high behind the scenes at Leeds and we really don’t need the chairman and owner coming out and muddying the waters by having a pop at journalists for, from what we can tell, absolutely no reason.

In other Leeds United news, Hay’s also shared what Pep Guardiola did to Victor Orta in the directors’ box.