By David Woods

4th Mar, 2020 | 7:08am

Phil Hay details what action Leeds are set to take against Casilla after FA report

Athletic journalist Phil Hay has said that Leeds are now expected to take internal disciplinary action against Kiko Casilla but it is understood they won’t look to terminate his contract. 

The written reasons behind the FA’s racism case against Casilla were released yesterday and they didn’t make pretty reading for Leeds United or for the keeper.

Casilla was found guilty of an aggravated breach and banned for eight games because of his defence that he wasn’t aware of a certain word he was alleged to have said.

His defence didn’t look great when laid out in black and white.

One question a lot of fans were asking after the FA report was whether Leeds would look to terminate Casilla’s contract.

His current deal runs up until 2023 and he’s one of the club’s highest earners.

Athletic journalist Phil Hay said that the club is “expected to be disciplined internally by Leeds, though having backed him through the case, the club are not believed to be considering the possibility of sacking him. They are not planning to appeal against the guilty verdict either.”

There are many Leeds fans who think the club would be within their rights to sack Casilla, however, Hay makes a very good point.

Leeds have backed Casilla as much as they can and they knew the details of the case and what was said, and also supported the defence that Casilla took.

This defence was seen as so unrealistic by the FA panel that they made Casilla’s ban eight games rather than six.

To terminate his contract now would look hypocritical and could potentially open them to more legal proceedings.

It will be interesting to see what happens next though.

It’s entirely possible that Meslier keeps the gloves beyond the ban and makes himself the club’s number one.

Casilla might decide that he wants to move back to Spain after this season.

That’s all conjecture at the moment but disciplinary action is expected and we don’t think Casilla plays again this season.

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