Athletic journalist Phil Hay has said that Leeds United could potentially miss out on a £4m+ windfall from the Premier League.

Two of the three teams that were relegated from last season’s Premier League have already secured promotion straight back up. Bournemouth could make it a clean sweep.

Sides that do come back up won’t get their parachute payments and that would normally mean that Leeds would be in line for an equal share of the money – £84m for Norwich and Watford.

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However, Phil Hay has said that he’s heard the EFL are “very keen” on hanging onto the payments with clubs suffering below the top flight because of the Covid pandemic.

Talking on the latest episode of the Phil Hay podcast, the Athletic journalist said, “The odd scenario this season is the three teams that get promoted might be the three that got relegated last season which has only happened once in 20-odd years or something like that.

“From what I’ve been hearing, the Championship are very keen on hanging onto the parachute payments and they’re very anxious that the money that would drop down into that league, albeit to individual clubs, isn’t lost completely.

“Something tells me the Premier League would rather hold onto it.”

For the greater good

This could be a battle that most neutrals would see as good v evil.

talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan thinks the money should be given to the EFL and distributed through the football pyramid, who need it more than the Premier League.

Leeds United

The Premier League will argue that its clubs have lost a lot of money through the pandemic.

Who needs it more?

The money has already been accounted for. The Premier League were expecting to pay out the parachute payments.

But the Premier League is probably a three-tiered affair in terms of money.

If it’s put to a vote then you would imagine that most clubs would vote for what’s good for themselves.

We’re split. We want Leeds to have as much money as possible to spend on new players this summer, but we don’t want to do that at the expense of the survival of other, smaller clubs.

We know more than most what it means to suffer from financial problems and it’s not pretty.

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