Athletic journalist Phil Hay has said that Marcelo Bielsa’s first Premier League press conference as Leeds United manager will likely be on Thursday this week. 

He said that Leeds would want the contract signed before then but that Bielsa doesn’t seem to be in any rush.

In a tweet, Hay responded to a Leeds fan who asked when the press conference would be and about Bielsa’s still unsigned contract.

Hay said, “Most likely Thursday this week. I’m sure the club would rather it was done before then but Bielsa has been moving at his own pace with this.”

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Let’s just get it done

Bielsa is a unique manager and that has worked brilliantly for Leeds so far.

However, the contract situation has dragged on and on this summer, with Bielsa out of contract after the 19/20 Championship season ended.

The last report was that it was being held up because Leeds wanted to pin him down to a deal longer than one year. [La Nacion]

However, with the game against Liverpool on Saturday, it would seem inconceivable that the contract won’t be signed before the game at Anfield.

Most Leeds fans now seem quite relaxed that it will get done and we feel the same way. If he takes the press conference it’s effectively a lock.

However, something has obviously been holding it up and until it’s signed and sealed there will always be some worry – it’s certainly a very unusual situation.

Bielsa is such a huge part of the fabric at Leeds and key to their success. Losing him this summer would have been absolutely disastrous.

We and all Leeds fans will be very relieved when it’s finally done.

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