By Neil Champney

2nd Sep, 2020 | 5:30pm

'Over the wall' - EFL club chief brings up Spygate fiasco with cheeky Bielsa dig

Preston North End chief Peter Ridsdale has aimed a cheeky dig at Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa while discussing his club’s new training ground. 

The Championship club are set to move to a facility at Euxton after purchasing it from cash-strapped Wigan Athletic recently.

One of the main bonuses that Ridsdale has identified with the new complex is its more private setup, and the senior figure believes that it is so sheltered that only Bielsa would be able to infiltrate it to get information on his side.

Referring back to last season’s infamous Spygate fiasco while speaking to Lancashire Live, he said: “I’m sure Bielsa with his spies, if we get them in the FA Cup, can get over the wall!

“From our point of view – which the fans may not like – it’s discreet in the sense it’s behind closed doors so you can’t just walk in and watch.”

Full credit to Ridsdale, at least he knows his limitations.

Bielsa is perhaps the most meticulous, determined manager in global football, and if he decides that he wants to find something about a team, you can bet that he will find it out by hook or by crook.

If we ever want to know what’s actually inside Area 51, we should just set the Argentine on the case and he’d have a dossier on every alien – including its passing stats and preferred positions – compiled within a week.

Joking aside, we wouldn’t want El Loco any other way.

Yes, you can argue about the the ethics of the game and whether or not there is any place for that kind of behaviour in English football, but the truth is that there isn’t a club out there who wouldn’t want that level of planning and commitment at the helm.

Let’s just be thankful he’s ours and nobody else’s.

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