The Premier League has told Leeds United that if they’re promoted they’ll have to pay £8m to offset the loss of TV revenue in the 19/20 season. 

The Guardian reported the news, saying promotion hopefuls were told of the plan last week.

It claims it has caused ‘outrage’ and ‘bewilderment’ and left clubs like Leeds and West Brom ‘angry’.

Championship clubs don’t understand why they’re being asked to pay for something that happened while they weren’t in the league.

The Premier League has had to pay broadcasters back £330m for failing to deliver what the contract demanded.

The Premier League also plans to do the same for teams promoted from the Championship in the 20/21 season.

It is expected that the money would be deducted from the money paid to Leeds, with promotion said to be worth £180m.

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Coronavirus exacting its price

On the one hand, it seems outrageous that Leeds will have to pay £8m for the privilege of getting promoted.

The £330m rebate has nothing to do with Leeds and they certainly didn’t benefit from any of the rest of the cash that’s been paid out to Premier League clubs.

The view of the Premier League is that the £330m rebate covers changes to the 20/21 season as well, so Leeds should pay their part.

If it means getting promoted and getting £172m instead of £180m we’ll still take it and move on.

There are plenty of clubs who are in a much worse position, such as Wigan, who went into administration on Wednesday and face a 12-point deduction.

The Coronavirus outbreak has had a dramatic effect on the football world and it looks like everyone is going to have to compromise.

We don’t agree with the plan – we think it’s a Premier League issue and one that doesn’t concern Leeds.

However, if that’s what the Premier League decides then Leeds are going to have to go along with it.

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