Sky Sports presenter Jeff Stelling has joined the swell of figures from the football world who have said the 19/20 season must be finished before we move on. 

Stelling said that even if it meant re-starting games at Christmas, that’s what had to happen.

He also commented on the issue of promotion from the Championship and said that while some people had said Leeds and West Brom should be handed promotion, “What would Fulham make of that?”

He insisted the remaining fixtures must be completed and teams promoted on merit.

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All football in the UK has been suspended until at least April 30 and Saturdays feel particularly empty at the moment,

However, Stelling popped up for an interview on Sky Sports on Saturday morning (Sky Sports News, 11am) to treat us to one of his “Goallll!!!!!” roars and to give his opinion on what should happen next.

“I think they’re certainly going to finish this season, no question about it,” Stelling said.

“Don’t even think about next season until this season’s finished.

“They’re saying it might have to be three games a week… so what? We’ve played three games in a week before.

“Every Liverpool fan is desperate for the remaining fixtures to be played. And what about Leeds and West Brom coming up? What would Fulham fans think about that?

“This season has to be finished and if it means re-starting at Christmas, it’s Christmas.”

leeds united

If there’s a choice of being handed promotion or playing the remaining fixtures this season, we think the majority of Leeds fans will want to play it out.

And while re-starting at Christmas might have a radical effect on the football world, these are the times we’re living in.

If the UK government can promise to pay the wages of every person up to £2,500 a month then we’re sure the football world can cope with working out fixture congestion and a truncated 20/21 season.

The more time goes on, the more we’re convinced that the 19/20 season will play out… Behind closed doors, late… however.

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