TalkSPORT host Adrian Durham has blasted EFL clubs that voted to use the points-per-game model to decide final positions if the season ends early.

The Championship season resumed last month but League One and League Two were curtailed early with clubs being promoted and relegated by PPG.

Leeds United have always advocated to end the season by playing out their matches and so far, the Whites have been able to do that.

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However if there is a second spike to the coronavirus pandemic then there is a chance that everything will be called to a halt again.

If that happens and the league cannot continue, PPG will be brought in to decide final positions.

Durham has hit out at the decision on talkSPORT radio, pointing out that league positions change every week and should not be decided early.

“Had the Championship been decided on points-per-game during lockdown, Charlton would have been relegated,” said Durham, as shown on talkSPORT’s official Twitter account.

“Last week, had it been stopped and done on points-per-game, Hull would have gone down.

“This week, Huddersfield would have gone. It’s such a flimsy way to change a club’s history.

“It also would have said Cardiff wouldn’t have been in the play-offs on points-per-game if that had been used during the lockdown.

“Two rounds of fixtures in the Championship have shown the points-per-game system has no credibility as a method for sorting out a season unless it was agreed by clubs beforehand – which it hadn’t – so they all voted for what worked for them.”

We understand what Durham is saying but if there is no possible way to finish a season, how do you decide final positions?

What would alter the history of clubs more? Bringing in points-per-game to relegate the teams currently in the bottom three or hand a lifeline to those teams down at the bottom and let them start a new season in the Championship?

It won’t be fair and it hasn’t been completely fair on teams in League One and League Two but that is just the way it is.

If Leeds, somehow, drop out of the top-two and the league is forced to be stopped, then they will more than likely miss out on automatic promotion due to points-per-game.’

Leeds probably voted for that and would have shot themselves in the foot but at least it would be a fair call based on what they thought was the best thing at the time.

In other Leeds United news, the referee for Leeds versus Luton has been confirmed.


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