Footy Headlines have leaked an image of the new Leeds United home kit for the 2021/22 season while also sharing the colour scheme of the next third kit.

Last season, Footy Headlines shared images of the current home and away kits so the site does have a history for nailing these leaks.

Leeds’ home kit for the 2021/22 campaign is standard for the Yorkshire club as it’s all white with a yellow Adidas stripes on the shoulders.

Footy Headlines has also shared information about Leeds’ next third kit, which “introduces a fresh colour scheme for the club”.

It is understood the 2021/22 third kit “combines a bright shade of purple with a dark shade of purple for logos and applications” while the logo will be purple and silver.

Fresh new look

It’s clean, it’s white, it’s Leeds United.

Kit manufacturers can never be too over the top when it comes to designing home kits for Leeds because, at the end of the day, we’re called the Whites for a reason.

Leeds United

However, this new leaked image with the yellow Adidas stripes looks very smart and we’re definitely fans of it.

The information that has been leaked about the third kit is a bit exciting.

Teams have a bit more creative licenses when it comes to away jerseys and the third kit is easily the best one for designers to come up with some crazy ideas for.

This season we’ve seen Leeds’ third kit be maroon and gold. We have to say that is our favourite of all the three kits this season and based on how well we’ve done in the Premier League this term, it’s likely to become a retro one in the future.

But the potential colour scheme for the next third kit sounds a bit off.

Of course, we’ll wait to see what the purple and silver kit looks like but at the moment, we’re not fans of the colours.

In other Leeds United news, Kieran Maguire has shared an update on the Jean-Kevin Augustin case.


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