By David Woods

12th Mar, 2020 | 8:49am

Neil Warnock delivers verdict on Leeds promotion & fans amid latest Coronavirus fears

Neil Warnock has said he is sure this is the season that Leeds will get promoted but added that he hopes “the Coronavirus doesn’t ruin it” for the club or the fans.

A report in the Times today has said that all football in England will be played behind closed doors in new government plans that could kick in as early as today.

That would see games played without fans, with only players, team officials, broadcasters and journalists allowed into the stadiums, in an unprecedented move caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Talking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show (talkSPORT, Thursday, 8am), Warnock was asked if Leeds would get promoted this season.

“Absolutely, yeah,” Warnock said. “I’ve been disappointed if I’m honest, though. There hasn’t been a Wolves this season.

“Leeds have had their moments but the other teams haven’t done it. I think it’s a wide-open league.

“It will be nice to see Leeds come back up, they’re one of the biggest clubs and the fans are fantastic. What Bielsa has done, they deserve to go up.

“I think Fulham has the best squad of the three but it’s going to be a great finish. I hope the Coronavirus doesn’t ruin it because the atmosphere on the run-in will be amazing.”

There are plenty of Leeds fans who can’t believe what’s happening at the moment.

It looks like games will be played behind closed doors from the Cardiff game onwards.

The Times report said that the trigger would be 500 cases in the UK, with numbers yesterday at 460.

Fans would still be able to watch games irrespective of when and where the games would be played.

Premier League games would be moved from the Saturday 3pm slots to enable the EFL to allow those games to be streamed by Championship clubs.

Streams would be free for ticket holders while clubs could sell streams to other fans to try to mitigate the financial losses they would suffer.

The main thing is that there are no plans to postpone or suspend the Championship, although that could change if players got infected.

The NBA has been suspended after a player tested positive for Coronavirus.

This is a situation that is likely to change all the time – all fans can do is keep their eyes peeled and stay safe.

In other Leeds United news, Times report details imminent Coronavirus plans that will have massive impact on Leeds run-in