By David Woods

13th Dec, 2019 | 2:21pm

MOT View: talkSPORT pundit trolling Leeds fans after comparing club with Aston Villa

talkSPORT love soundbites. They package them up and put them out on social media to pick up a new audience.

The ‘banter’ on shows like the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast might sound spontaneous, but these shows, and what they talk about, are planned in advance more rigorously than a Marcelo Bielsa training session.

So, when Brazil asked Jamie O’Hara to say which club was bigger in a load of random pairs, it was done purely to fish for reactions. They obviously got them.

One of the pair-ups, oddly, was Leeds and Aston Villa.

The only real rivalry we’ve had is in the Championship game last season and even then we let them score because they whinged so much.

Jamie O’Hara pretended it was a tough decision and then declared Aston Villa the bigger club before reeling off a number of reasons that had Leeds stamped all the way through.

Asked why, O’Hara said, “Big club, massive in Birmingham, everyone supports them there, huge football club, great football club, great fanbase, great stadium.”

Take Birmingham out and put Leeds in and you’d have a more accurate statement. There are other teams in Birmingham. Birmingham and West Brom fans don’t support Villa.

Villa Park might be the bigger stadium currently, but the Leeds fans are more than a match for any in the Premier League. And once we get promoted Elland Road is getting expanded past the Villa Park capacity.

One Leeds fan summed it up for us perfectly.

Having said that, if he’d asked him whether it was Leeds or Man United, we imagine that there would have been a lot more Leeds fans piling on.

talkSPORT love talking about Leeds because they know the fanbase is huge. They didn’t stop talking about Spygate last season, no matter how many times they tried to get it wrong.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re talkSPORT fans… You just have to take what they say with a pinch of salt. And this was pure trolling.

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