Some Leeds United fans got a bit jittery today when they noticed that the club had removed the Yorkshire Rose from the crest on Twitter.

The controversy caused by the last disastrous attempt to change badge is still fresh in people’s minds and some fans thought this signified a new design incoming.

One fan said, “My only guess is that there’s a new badge incoming, and they’re going to slowly take away that badge and put together a new one. Bit annoyed they’ve taken out the Yorkshire Rose tbh.”

However, it seems that there’s a better explanation for the change.

As Rob Dorsett explained on Sky Sports, many brands and companies are changing their badges for the day to highlight the WWF’s World Wildlife Day.

Brentford have got rid of their bee, Coventry got rid of their elephant.

Aston Villa have removed their iconic lion, Brighton have lost their seagull, Wolves have lost the Wolf and it seems Leeds have got in on the act, too.

It’s not an animal but it’s the closest that we’ve got to wildlife in our badge.

So, it seems that the mini-panic among some fans is unwarranted although it does give us an excuse to dig up that terrible badge from the past.

Apologies if you’d managed to get this out of your mind after months of waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night.

We’re sure that if Leeds do ever change the badge permanently, that the fans will be consulted and will be on board with any change.

For now, expect normal service to be resumed very shortly.

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