By David Woods

4th Apr, 2020 | 6:30pm

MOT View: It's ironic but Sky may help Leeds get promoted – unusual statement from PL side proof

Leeds United fans haven’t got a lot of time for Sky Sports, with games getting rearranged way too much for TV. 

And Sky bosses have had to spend plenty of time dubbing out that infamous song from Leeds fans during live matches.

Given that, there’s a certain level of irony that it could well be Sky that ends up helping Leeds get promoted.

The Premier League met yesterday and said they remain committed to getting the season finished.

All the talk is of sporting integrity and from a fan’s point of view that is the most important factor.

For the Premier League however, money talks, and it’s been heavily reported that they could face losing over £750m from broadcasters if the season isn’t finished.

That’s a huge amount of money and it gives the Premier League the biggest possible incentive to do the right thing.

That was put in stark focus in an unusually transparent statement from Burnley, who said they face losses of £50m if the season isn’t completed – £5m from gate receipts and £45m of broadcasting revenue.

They claim other clubs could be facing losses of £100m.

The Guardian reported this, called it an “unusual move”, and talked of the “dire financial consequences” of the Coronavirus on Premier League clubs.

The only good thing is that this £750m should act to keep the Premier League honest and maintain its commitment to finishing the season whenever that is.

And while the irony isn’t lost on us, it could mean Sky – as the main football broadcaster in the country – could end up giving Leeds the final bit of help they need in these unusual times.

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