By David Woods

2nd May, 2020 | 9:19am

MOT View: Comments from PL giant highlight huge difficulty behind season re-start

In the thirst for football in general and promotion for Leeds United specifically, it’s easy to forget the human side of the game. 

However, that was brought back into sharp focus after recent comments from Man City striker Sergio Aguero.

Aguero has claimed that players are scared about returning to play as the Premier League moves ahead with Project Restart.

In comments made to Argentine TV station El Chiringuito (via the BBC), Aguero said, “The majority of players are scared because they have children and families.

“I’m scared, but I’m with my girlfriend here and I’m not going to be in contact with other people. I’m locked in my house and the only person I could infect is my girlfriend.”

It reinforces that the safety of players, managers, broadcasters and journalists has to be the primary concern for the governing bodies in the UK.

Any plan to resume football would also have to be given the go-ahead by the government, and they’ll be keen to avoid any more criticism.

An outbreak among Premier League players after a government green-light would be a major problem.

Aguero is a player who’s afforded a lot more than most players in the four divisions in England. He’s one of the highest-paid footballers and lives in luxury.

His comments bring home a huge problem behind the re-start and asks the question – what do clubs do if players refuse to play?

You don’t have to look too far down the leagues to find players who are grinding a living and some will live with elderly relatives.

Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa is in a high-risk group because of his age.

We want to see football back as much as the next Leeds fan. But it’s crucial that it’s safe.

Gary Neville said the Premier League should take the game to a virus-free location and quarantine players there until the season is done.

That’s a radical but interesting idea, but it’s one that would only work for the cash-rich top-flight.

Further down the ladder, we think a points-per-game resolution is now the most likely outcome.

Whether that would include the Championship or just Leagues One and Two is anyone’s guess at the moment.

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