By Pranav Shahaney

17th Oct, 2022 | 8:40pm

Michael Owen delivers verdict on controversial moment in Leeds United v Arsenal Premier League clash

Michael Owen believes that it was the right decision for the VAR and Michael Oliver to overturn the red in the Leeds United v Arsenal clash.

Gabriel received a late red card for seeming to have kicked Patrick Bamford after bringing him down in the penalty area.

A penalty was given and the Brazilian was sent off, but on careful inspection, he decided to reverse his decision and only gave him a yellow with no spot kick.

Discussing this on Premier League Productions’ post-match show, Owen said (16/10, 19:15), “Lots of VAR decisions, referees, sometimes it’s not their fault, sometimes, it’s just one of those weekends where they get a few decisions to make that might be tricky.

“I thought that was fair. It wasn’t a real forceful (kick). I did think that he tried to flick him with his foot, so it was probably fair, so yes, referees are in the headlines this weekend. Some right and some wrong calls, but overall, it has been very entertaining.”

Can argue either way

The forcefulness of the kick at Bamford can be determined however the observer wants to look at it so it’s not a black and white call.

It was a subjective decision and had the red stood, there would be few protests, just like how there are now.

However, that decision would not have changed the game as the penalty would not have stood as the Englishman brought him down.

It was a bad call by the on-field referee which was quickly rectified and with a few minutes to go, we do not think Arsenal playing with 10 men would dramatically swing the game in Leeds’ favour.

Regardless, it was a good performance by Leeds and despite the loss, Jesse Marsch will be focusing on the positives as there were plenty of them.

Hopefully, they get a few wins under their belt sooner rather than later as this is a results business and dropping into the relegation zone will certainly add to the pressure.

In other Leeds United news, a Sky Sports pundit has delivered Jesse Marsch’s “sack” verdict after what he heard this month.