By Craig Scott

8th Nov, 2020 | 10:40am

'Madness' - Lineker fumes in MOTD rant over Leeds incident v Palace, Jenas says 'it's a joke'

Gary Lineker, Jermaine Jenas and Tim Cahill were furious with the decision to disallow Patrick Bamford’s goal as Leeds United lost 4-1 to Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Bamford, 27, stuck the ball in the back of the net in the 17th minute to score what would have been an equalising goal for Leeds.

However, after a VAR review, the forward’s goal was disallowed because the upper part of his arm was adjudged to be offside – even though it did not look that way on the still image that VAR used.

Lineker could not believe that the goal was ruled out for Leeds as they went on to suffer their second consecutive 4-1 defeat.

“Let’s get to the disallowed goal for offside – we all thought it was pretty extraordinary,” Lineker said on BBC One’s Match of the Day on Saturday night.

Jenas responded by saying: “It’s a joke.”

Lineker added: “I know they’re talking about this bit of the arm and stuff – but come on.

“You see it here. Immediately you go ‘it’s not offside’. You don’t need the dots. As soon as you put the dots up, Jermaine, it’s all over, you don’t need that.

“You can see offside, onside. If you need the dots then it’s level – onside. Simple.”

Jenas added: “I just feel like the more they complicate it the worse it gets.

“As you said, you can’t score with your arm. Are the dots in the right place?”

Everton legend Cahill then offered his thoughts on the controversy, saying: “I’m worried as a striker because I can’t tell my midfielder: ‘Play the ball there’ (while sticking out his arm) because I’m offside, my arm is offside.”

Lineker summed up the handball by saying “it’s madness”.

You cannot disagree with the Match of the Day trio on this.

As Lineker said, if you need the dots to distinguish whether a player is offside then how are they trying to rectify what was a clear and obvious error?

If Bamford was actually offside then we’re talking about millimetres and what linesman can accurately see that happen in real-time in a match? You feel sorry for the assistant referees in that case because their job just becomes completely redundant because they cannot freeze time, add dots and make a split-second decision.

And as Jenas points out, offside is becoming more and more complicated with the way they are distinguishing what part of the body is offside or not.

They try to make everything black and white but instead they’ve just continued to alienate supporters.

Why not just use common sense?

Actually, we know why they don’t use that because common sense simply doesn’t exist in the Premier League.

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