Liam Cooper has revealed that the Leeds United squad has been able to keep in touch with Marcelo Bielsa and the club’s doctors through WhatsApp.

Last week, the decision was taken for the entire Leeds squad to essentially work from home, with fitness equipment being delivered to players’ houses for them to stay up to speed while their diet and weight are also being monitored.

It is no doubt a tough time for a manager like Bielsa, who has got Leeds to where they are in the Championship because of his meticulous planning and the way he manages to have a firm grasp on every aspect of players’ lives.

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Leeds captain Cooper has now revealed how Bielsa is keeping tabs on his squad with the United Kingdom in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“There’s been a lot of communication from Marcelo on the WhatsApp groups,” Cooper told the Yorkshire Evening Post.

“His main message to the boys before we did leave was to stay safe and do what you can to stop this from increasing.

“Everyone realises the seriousness of the infection and what we’ve got to do to slow the curve down. We’ve been in contact with Rob Price and the club doctors, they’ve been unbelievable with the lads, any questions regarding symptoms or what we can do to prevent infection, they’ve been brilliant.

“We can get in touch with them directly for advice and take it from there.

“The communication at the club has been second to none.”

leeds united

It is great to see how much care there is for the Leeds United players at this difficult time because there are no doubt a number of them who are concerned for their and their family and friends’ health at the moment.

Leeds’ club doctors have a tough job as it is but monitoring players’ health when they’re not physically with them must be difficult and will require a lot of communication through WhatsApp and other means.

Everyone is just having to sit tight and do what they can at the moment without leaving the house but at least Bielsa can have the comfort of knowing that the situation is the same for all of his Championship rivals.

In other Leeds United news, the PFA have released a statement after this decision was taken by the Whites.


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