By James Murray

1st Oct, 2023 | 4:10pm

Leeds United: Rob Price admits he's annoyed by what he's seen written about Stuart Dallas

Rob Price has admitted he’s been annoyed by some of the things he has seen written about Leeds United star Stuart Dallas.

Speaking on the Leeds United Official Podcast (via the Belfast Telegraph), the Whites’ Head of Medicine and Performance said it wasn’t helpful to see comments suggesting that the Northern Irishman was “finished” during his recovery.

He added that the medical team knew it would take a minimum of 12 months and potentially 24 to get the 32-year-old back up to fitness after he returned to training with the rest of the players last week.

“We knew that this would be a minimum of 12 months, could be 24 months and probably 18 months,” said Price. “So we are getting to the stage now where it is around 16 months and a few days. He has made the next stage of his rehab to get among the team and start training.

“It probably annoys me and I’m sure it annoyed Stuart, though he has never said, that along the road you read things like ‘Dallas is finished’ which isn’t helpful when people just don’t know the true story.”

He’s human

Sometimes people forget when they are making potentially hurtful comments about footballers that they are only human too and they can be just as easily affected as anyone else.

It would be no surprise if Dallas was annoyed by some of the things that were said about him as he no doubt has – and continues to – work tirelessly every day to get back to full fitness.

It has been a long road back for the Northern Irishman since fracturing his leg in April 2022, but he has now overcome a major hurdle by joining the rest of the team in training.

The player and the medical staff deserve an awful lot of credit for getting him to this point because it must’ve taken a lot of mental strength throughout this period.

All he will be looking forward to doing now is getting himself in a position to take to the field in the Whites shirt again in a bid to help them challenge at the top end of the table.

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