By Daniel Feliciano

7th Sep, 2022 | 6:40am

Leeds United manager Jesse Marsch told to 'be careful' by Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe after red card v Brentford

Leeds manager Jesse Marsch has been told to “be careful” and “chill” on the touchline after his red card against Brentford by Robbie Earle.

The Whites boss has been in trouble with officials in the last three games but was shown a red card for his protests after a penalty wasn’t awarded in the defeat to Brentford on Saturday.

Marsch is beginning to get a reputation for being difficult to deal with from officials and while speaking on the Two Robbies podcast, he was given some advice by the pundits.

Earle said: “I always just think with Jesse, I’ll put it out there now – I love the guy, he’s done a brilliant job, represented himself and his country, but just be careful. Don’t get overboard with it, just chill.”

Mustoe then added: “I think you’re right and this isn’t the first time by the way, not even just this club but other clubs. He’s admitted that he sometimes doesn’t do a great job on the sidelines and gets carried away with everything.

“You’ve got to have a bit of composure, your team has got to have a bit of composure as well. We have praised him and how his teams close the ball so well and it’s brilliant and hard to play against.

“But the down side is there’s so many players who go forward that you’re a little bit exposed. It happened in this game, centre backs on their own a little bit, counter attacks, find a way through that press and there’s a bit of joy to be had.”


There has to be some balance from Marsch, because if you’re constantly complaining it loses it’s value when something actually needs to be complained about.

The time wasting from Everton was something that should have been dealt with better by officials but Marsch probably didn’t need to talk about it as much as he did, and there’s no doubt that had something to do with his red card when arguing the penalty that should’ve been given.

But after complaining about the team’s discipline on the pitch at times last season, Marsch now must take his own advice and calm down instead of putting his side at a disadvantage by not having him on the touchline in games.

He’s very honest and passionate about what he does with Leeds and is very popular among the fan base, but if he starts affecting the team negatively on the pitch with his antics that love from fans and media will quickly turn, so he must adjust and adapt.

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