By Jack Cunningham

4th Dec, 2021 | 4:30pm

Leeds United man Rodrigo blows Phil Hay away

Phil Hay was blown away by Leeds United star Rodrigo after he helped The Athletic reporter produce a new article.

Hay’s latest piece is a collaboration with other Athletic reporters about LGBT+ fans talking about their experiences at football and what has changed over the years.

Apparently, Luke Ayling was meant to be the only Leeds player involved, but Rodrigo was there and decided to contribute as well, which impressed Hay.

Writing on his Twitter account, he said: “The thing I loved about this was that we’d arranged in advance to speak to Ayling. But Rodrigo happened to be in the building at the same time and decided he’d get involved in the discussion too. Good guys.”

Rodrigo and Ayling are top blokes.

This is a really important piece, and it is important to understand what LGBT+ fans have been through.

Both Ayling and Rodrigo’s messages are passionate and considerate, and they are clearly two respectable blokes who care about wider issues.

Therefore, it was lovely to see Hay praise the pair, and Rodrigo deserves a special mention because he wasn’t even booked in to take part.

So, to actively take part and involve himself when he wasn’t required to was great to see, and it shows that these issues are important to the Spaniard.

This Leeds squad certainly strikes us as a good bunch who are willing to work hard on the pitch, but they are also aware of wider issues and are more than happy to contribute.

Hopefully, we see more of this sort of thing from other players around the Premier League, and they could learn a lot from this Leeds squad.

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