By Jack Cunningham

10th Oct, 2021 | 1:10pm

Leeds United man Liam Cooper issues his verdict on VAR

Leeds United centre-back Liam Cooper believes that even though VAR is controversial, the game is much better off with it than without it.

Speaking to the press in Scotland, the 30-year-old revealed that even though a few decisions have gone against him due to VAR, he believes that the most important thing is that the decisions are correct [Yorkshire Evening Post].

Cooper names two occasions in which VAR has punished him, but it doesn’t seem like he holds any grudges against the technology.

He said: “I think it adds to it.

“As professionals, we all crave the right results and the right outcome.

“I have had a couple [of VAR decisions] myself. Obviously, the penalty [versus Everton], having seen it back, it probably was a penalty, but there [were] definitely two players at it.

“I was sent off away at Manchester City last year because of VAR, but on my behalf, I won the ball and came into contact with [Gabriel] Jesus afterwards. I am not sure how you stop momentum when you go and win a tackle.

“But these things are never going to be perfect. [As] I said, we all crave the right decision. More times than not, VAR does that. It is just hard to get used to at the start. I think everyone would welcome better decisions in the game.”

Diplomatic view on technology.

Last season, the Whites had a very strong Premier League campaign, but five VAR decisions went against them and could have cost them an extra place or two in the league [ESPN].

Cooper mentions his red card against Manchester City, and that decision actually made no difference to the game as the Whites went on to win.

The penalty earlier this season against Everton was also probably a penalty that might not have been given if VAR didn’t exist.

Of course, this negatively impacted the Whites, but the best thing for everyone is to reach the correct decision.

The most irritating thing about VAR is when even with the technology, they still get it wrong, and until we can find some way to wipe out these errors, there will always be problems with VAR.

However, it is good to hear Cooper taking such a diplomatic view of the situation even though he and Leeds have been punished in the past.

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