By David Woods

7th Apr, 2021 | 8:09pm

Leeds fan gets into spat with Danny Mills over controversial Leeds podcast

Danny Mills has got himself on the wrong side of Leeds United fans after being heard laughing and joking while talking about the perilous financial state the club was in around 20 years ago.

Mills was talking on the Undr The Cosh podcast and has been getting criticism from Leeds fans on social media all day.

Social media has lit up with Leeds fans laying into Mills and one supporter went one stage further and had a conversation directly with Mills on Instagram.

To his credit, @alexjl30 kept a very adult tone throughout and posted the results on his Twitter account.

In the conversation Mills says, “Except you cared enough to listen, and even write to me…. paradox?

“Would you walk away from a contract you’d earned? Worked towards for 12 years? NO… So pipe down.

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“I’ll see you in the Legends Lounge… that’s where my season tickets are!!”

Alex replied, “It took our club to the brink of extinction. So why was it one big joke to you on the podcast? Someone who genuinely loves our club wouldn’t be laughing and joking about it. I don’t understand how you can continuously miss my point.”

Mills continued saying, “Did you go bust? NO. Did I have to help the club out… deferring wages for 5 years. YES. If Leeds would’ve gone bust I’d have lost 4 years in wages.”

Alex then said, “I certainly wasn’t laughing when we were on the brink of extinction with -15 points in League One. Like I’ve said numerous times, it’s not the money or the way you acted that people care about. We would all try and do what’s best for our family’s future.

“Just don’t do a podcast and laugh at it like it’s one big joke. It all came across incredibly disrespectful to the whole fan base.”

Mills response? “Grow up… Get a life.”

Not his best side

To be fair, the Leeds fan absolutely nails it here.

It’s not the money, it’s not the contract, it’s not the demands that Mills made.

It’s the tone in that podcast studio when everyone present seems to think it’s an absolute hoot when Mills is talking about Leeds almost going bust.

These things can happen in a live environment when you’re trying to come across as a bit of a lad, but it doesn’t ever look good.

It’s almost impossible to imagine other figures who profess to love Leeds indulging in the same sort of conversation, in the same sort of tone.

Surely it would be much easier to say, ‘I got it a bit wrong and I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful.’

Mistakes are easy to make, it’s how you react afterwards that really measures the man.

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