By Craig Scott

25th Feb, 2022 | 11:10am

Leeds United fan absolutely destroys Agbonlahor live on talkSPORT after what he said about player agents

Gabriel Agbonlahor was dubbed “embarrassing” in a heated debate with a Leeds United fan live on talkSPORT on Thursday [24 February].

The ex-Aston Villa player had earlier said that he’d seen “Sunday league managers” who are more tactically aware than Marcelo Bielsa after Leeds lost 6-0 away at Liverpool on Wednesday night.

Agbonlahor also said that if he was a Leeds player, he’d be on his phone to his agent to complain about the Argentinean manager’s methods.

Leeds fan James called in later on to hit out at Agbonlahor and as shown in a clip on talkSPORT’s official Twitter account, he said: “I think it shows the sort of person you are, Gabby, when the first time you’re in a bit of trouble you’re going to call your agent. I mean, that’s a bit embarrassing, to be honest, do you not think?”

Agbonlahor paused for a moment, leaned back and smirked and then replied: “If you say so, James.”

The Whites fan continued by saying: “This manager’s got these players the highest pay packet of their careers and into the Premier League when a lot of them are mid-table Championship players and you’d call your agent as soon as you’re in a bit of trouble?”

Agbonlahor finally thought of a proper reply and said: “I would, yes. If I was getting mugged off week in, week out by top Premier League wingers [and] top Premier League midfielders with the tactics, I’d definitely be [talking to my agent].

“Players talk to their agents about things.”

After a bit of back-and-forth about Villa’s current league position and their game in hand, James said: “If we’re that embarrassing, why couldn’t you (Villa) beat us?”

Agbonlahor then shrugged his shoulders and admitted that was a “good point but Villa don’t get battered 7-0 and 6-0 in the same season.”

James said: “Fair enough, but last season, you said Bielsa should’ve gone and we finished above you. That’s embarrassing.”

Agbonlahor hit back saying the Leeds fan is living in the past and added: “This season, Leeds have been embarrassing. The tactics have been embarrassing.”

James then pointed out the fact that Patrick Bamford, Kalvin Phillips and captain Liam Cooper have all been sidelined with injuries for a long time and Agbonlahor finished by saying: “Yes, exactly. That’s why we said earlier that when you’re missing these players, you change your tactics.”

Go on, James

Yes, players do talk to their agents but Agbonlahor makes it out as though that’s going to do something and that the power of those not associated with the club could have some kind of influence on Bielsa’s job.

We really don’t think that Leeds are going to sack Bielsa – not yet, anyway.

While we’re only three points clear of the relegation zone and could actually be in the bottom three by the end of the weekend, Bielsa is still someone who the board will put their faith in.

There’s probably more chance of him resigning than being sacked simply because he’s always been one to walk away from jobs if something’s not right and his performance at Elland Road over the last few years means the board may be hesitant to pull the trigger.

One thing we have to agree upon with Agbonlahor is that some of our performances this season have been humiliating.

Despite the injuries we’ve had, going to Liverpool and losing 6-0 is unacceptable. Losing 6-0 to anyone is embarrassing.

We could have easily reduced their score down to two or three goals if the players had bothered turning up at all. One thing we cannot excuse is a lack of effort and for the first half and the final 15 minutes, it looked as though the Leeds United players have given up.

In other Leeds United news, one of Tottenham’s star players could be ruled out of the game against Leeds on Saturday.