By Jack Cunningham

8th Sep, 2021 | 1:10pm

Leeds United are against FIFA making the World Cup every two years

Leeds United have joined Manchester City in voicing their stance against FIFA’s plans for a World Cup every two years.

The Daily Telegraph report that there is a growing army of opposition against these new plans proposed by FIFA and the Whites are one of the clubs firmly against the plans [ESPN].

Andrea Radrizzani spoke to the Telegraph about these proposed plans and revealed that he is still in favour of the tournament being every four years despite plans from FIFA to shorten the gap.

These plans make no sense.

One of the things that make the World Cup so unique is that it happens every four years.

If you make it every two, then some of the magic will be lost, and players will literally never have a break, and they will go from playing vast amounts of games for their club, then qualifying for the World Cup, and then playing in the World Cup.

So, we can see why Leeds are against the plans, and we are pleased to see the Whites fight FIFA on this.

There is literally no need for a World Cup every two years, and just because a few countries want it doesn’t mean that everyone should accept it.

It is time to stand up for what is right as players and fans did for the European Super League and ensure that this doesn’t happen.

We hope that more Premier League clubs follow Leeds and Manchester City in opposing these plans.

In other Leeds United news, Radrizzani has praised one Leeds player for making a sacrifice for the club.