Leeds United have made the most profit from player sales over the past ten years out of all the current Premier League clubs, according to The Sun

The club’s transfer business has been largely successful over the past ten years and stats like these prove that Leeds is a very well run club.

The Sun claim that we have made a net profit of 162.7% from player sales in the past ten years which puts us top of the table in terms of profit made from sales compared to every other current Premier League side.

The only club who are close to us are Sheffield United with 125.25% but that is still some way off our impressive total.

Interestingly, the bottom two clubs are Manchester United and Manchester City and while each club has been successful in the last decade, stats like these show the reckless spending they have sanctioned to buy this success.

We, as ever, have done things the right way and are in a very sound place financially as we establish ourselves as a permanent Premier League fixture.

leeds united

With this financial stability comes peace of mind for Leeds fans who may be concerned that we won’t be able to hold onto our best players.

There have been numerous reports recently suggesting that Liverpool are interested in Raphinha but unless he wants to go, we have no reason to sell.

This stat will change over time however as it is doubtful that we will make as much profit on some of the players we acquired this summer.

For example, we spent big on Rodrigo but at 29-years-old we are unlikely to make all of our money back on him when he leaves Elland Road.

In any case, over the past decade we have set the standard for how clubs should be run and now we are reaping the rewards as foreign investors are seeing our club as a safe investment.

Hopefully, it isn’t long before we are challenging towards the top of the Premier League proper, rather than just statistical tables.

In other Leeds United news, The Athletic have provided a comprehensive review of our injury crisis. 


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