By Dave Woods

1st Oct, 2019 | 1:00pm

Leed fans react to new Ayling deal

Luke Ayling became the latest Leeds United player to sign a new long-term contract, agreeing a four-year deal that will see the right-back through until 2023. 

Bill, as he’s affectionately known, hasn’t played yet this season after rehab following surgery in the summer.

He’s been making his way back through the Under-23s, and played another 30 minutes in the 2-1 defeat to Crewe yesterday afternoon.

We’re expecting to see him on the bench tonight but Staurt Dallas, who’s impressed all season, isn’t going to be dislodged from the right-back spot easily.

The news of Ayling’s new deal was announced by Leeds United on Tuesday morning and lots of Leeds United fans were quick to celebrate.

However, there were a few dissenting voices too.

While one said, “Out of all the long-term contracts we’ve given out recently Ayling is the one I agree on most. He’s more than capable of playing in the Premiership [sic] even at 31”, another said, “The idea of giving long term deals to players who’ve failed to get us out of the championship in the expectation they’re good enough for the premiership… Hmm. We’ll see.”

That’s a bit harsh. Leeds came within a whisker of going up last season and there’s big hope they’ll go one better this season.

While it’s true that you don’t want to get stuck with sub-standard players on long-term contracts, this is about safeguarding assets too.

If any Leeds players, and we’re not talking necessarily about Ayling here, can’t cut it in the Premier League, they’ve proved themselves in the Championship and there should be plenty of suitors for them.

We have to trust that Leeds know exactly what they’re doing in terms of wage levels.

Here are the best reactions from Leeds fans: