Kevin Blackwell has claimed that Leeds United could struggle behind-closed-doors once the Championship season resumes in less than three weeks.

The former Whites boss believes that having no fans at Elland Road could be a problem for Marcelo Bielsa’s men in their five remaining home games.

The EFL have confirmed that the season will return on the 20th of June, with Leeds’ first fixture likely to be an away trip to Cardiff.

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Blackwell did go on to admit that his former side does deserve to earn promotion to the Premier League this season.

“No one’s got the right to be there, but a club that deserves to be there, I have to say it’s Leeds,” he told Sky Sports.

“It’s going to be quite eery playing around a stadium that’s empty, the element of a training facility comes into play here.

“That can have a massive effect on anyone. I think one of the aces in the cards was always the supporters for Leeds and unfortunately, that will now be missing.

“It’s going to be very difficult.”

The fans are obviously a massive help to Leeds. The Whites average the highest home attendance in the Championship with ease and even have the 11th best in the Premier League too.

That is great for the Whites, but it isn’t the fans who have gotten them to the top of the Championship. Bielsa has got his side in phenomenal shape, and to the disappointment of other teams, they are better after a long break.

Take the start of the last two seasons. Bristol City and Stoke have found out the hard way, both getting dominated in comprehensive victories for Leeds and their nine remaining opponents could suffer the same fate.

Bristol City are known as one of the stronger teams in the division, and Leeds played them off the park with 59.3% possession and 18 shots – relentless [WhoScored].

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