By Pranav Shahaney

12th Sep, 2022 | 10:10pm

Journalist shares agitated reaction to Leeds United v Manchester United news

Manchester Evening News journalist Samuel Luckhurst is clearly unhappy with the postponement of the Leeds United and Manchester United game.

He took to Twitter to express his views before the official announcement was made but the decision was to postpone the game.

Luckhurst claims that this decision taken by the Premier League does not take into consideration the plight of the matchgoers.

He wrote on 12 September, “Scandalous. Beggars belief a game held 200 miles away from Westminster Abbey – and the day before the Queen’s funeral – could get postponed. Still zero consideration for matchgoers”


This is absolutely true and the Premier League is completely clueless about the arrangements fans make and will now have to cancel.

There will be no refunds for this and the league can just move it to a different date and not lose anything.

They will have an arrangement with the broadcasters to ensure that nobody faces the grunt of the postponement.

It’s always the fans that suffer and it’s shocking that there are games taking place in London but not in the north in Manchester.

Policing the fixture is important but there are stewards that do their job well and there haven’t been any major arrests either in recent Leeds rivalries.

This is a really disappointing and ignorant turn of events which has led to fans being disgruntled.

We completely sympathise with those who made travel arrangements for the game and hopefully, they will get some compensation at the very least.

In other Leeds United news, the Whites have reached an agreement to sign a left-back, according to his agent.