By Craig Scott

30th Jun, 2021 | 4:10pm

Jim White: Leeds United star Kalvin Phillips undroppable for England

Jim White was blown away by Kalvin Phillips’ performance for England in the win over Germany and claims the Leeds United star is now undroppable.

Phillips, 25, was yet again in phenomenal form for the Three Lions as they progressed to the quarter-finals of the European Championships with a 2-0 win over the Germans at Wembley on Tuesday.

In reaction to the performance, talkSPORT introduced a Leeds fan to discuss Phillips’ performance and his standing in the squad now Jordan Henderson is fit again.

After introducing Paul the Leeds fan [10:55am, Wednesday], White said on talkSPORT: “Come on then, tell us about Kalvin. He’s doing well, isn’t he?”

Paul replied by saying: “Oh my god. Massive.

“He’s like a son to us Leeds fans. We knew all along.

“Three years ago, this lad was a mid-table Championship player and was getting booed off the field.

“There are two people responsible for where he is now and rightly so is Senor Marcelo Bielsa and Granny Val.

“She stopped him going to Villa for £40million last year, she said, ‘you’re not going anywhere, you’re staying at your home team and you’re going to fight for your place’.

“Look where he is now.

“Oh man, he’s slotted into this side unbelievably. I can’t see him coming out of it, can you guys?”

White replied: “No, I can’t. We were talking about him this morning before we came on air.

“He’s an absolute stand-out, Kalvin Phillips. He’s everywhere.”

Simon Jordan then said: “I’d like to see him go forward a few times more but in comparison, if Southgate has a built-in loyalty mentality, he can’t slot Henderson back in because Henderson’s becoming available now.

“Absolutely I think he stays in the side. Absolutely.”

Unbelievable performance

Phillips was incredible against Germany.

Not only did he look dangerous on the ball with some of his passes starting attacks but he was also superb off it.

Toni Kroos is widely seen as one of the best central midfielders of the last decade. Did he do anything at Wembley?

Phillips snuffed him out of the game and left Germany’s players wishing as though they didn’t turn up with the way he roughed them up all over the pitch.

If Gareth Southgate does drop Phillips for the Ukraine game on Saturday then he deserves to be sacked but we really don’t think he will.

He may go back to a back-four after using a back-three that worked well against Germany. But either way, we’d expect Phillips to stay in the side.

He’s been phenomenal. We cannot state just how good he’s been and just how much he’s impressed us.

Granny Val will be proud.

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