By Ben Brown

15th Apr, 2022 | 1:10pm

Jesse Marsch and Mark Jackson swapped shirts after 1997 Leeds United friendly

Jesse Marsch and Mark Jackson have both shared the remarkable story showing them to have played against each other in a Leeds United friendly game in 1997.

Jackson was a young defender at Leeds back then whilst Marsch was making his first start as a forward for DC United as the two sides drew 1-1 at the RFK Stadium in Washington, with the pair swapping shirts at full-time.

Derek Lilley’s header had given the Whites the lead before Tony Sanneh grabbed an 89th-minute equaliser for the American outfit.

Marsch shared the image on Instagram showing the shirt from all those years ago, whilst Jackson tweeted the team sheet which included the likes of Lee Bowyer and Nigel Martyn.

Small World

The universe sure does have a funny way of making things come back around.

Jackson and Marsch had probably completely forgotten about each other’s existence until fate threw them both together at Leeds, with the pair working together to try and keep the club in the Premier League.

Neither went on to have particularly inspiring playing careers and the shirts exchanged have likely been gathering dust in storage for their respective owners in the decades since the fixture.

Now however it’s another beautiful reminder to both them and us as fans of the universality of the game, a sport which can be loved and played by any who willingly sinks into its clutches.

Once you’ve got the bug there’s no going back, and that passion has eventually wound up for Marsch with an arrival in Leeds working alongside an old opponent. Funny old world.

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