By Mark Smith

13th Mar, 2022 | 8:30am

Jeff Stelling hits out at Jesse Marsch after Leeds United quotes, Paul Merson explodes

Jeff Stelling has destroyed Jesse Marsch for his comments after his Leeds United side were smashed by Aston Villa on Thursday.

The Sky Sports host questioned what fans must be thinking ahead of the Norwich game today when he insisted the players were stressed.

Paul Merson emptied both barrels after hearing that, insisting that Marsch needs to learn quickly that his words mean nothing without results.

Speaking live on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday yesterday (12 March), Stelling couldn’t believe what he was reading.

“When Leeds fans read that, what the heck are they thinking?” he said.

Merson exploded after hearing that and insisted that no one playing football knows what real pressure is like.

“All of this positive talking won’t pull the wool over the Leeds fans’ eyes,” he said. “They need to see results.

“You can’t just keep talking positively, I heard him say that the team was stressed, stress is when you’re trying to make a mortgage and you can’t get food on the table.

“Don’t talk to me about stress when you can’t keep the ball from one player to another, I’m not buying into that and he needs to learn that quickly.”


It is all well and good talking the talk, but there becomes a point where you have to walk the walk, and that moment is now.

After the new manager bounce seemed to stick around for less than 90 minutes at Leicester, the embarrassing defeat against Villa saw things hit boiling point.

Leeds need results now if they want to stay in the Premier League, and they need to send a message out against Norwich today.

If that doesn’t happen, they can all but wave goodbye to the Premier League and go back down to the Championship.

Stress is nothing, these are a group of people who get to play football every single week on big, big money – that is nothing but an excuse.

Pull your fingers out, and prove you’re good enough, starting today.

In other Leeds United news, Andrea Radrizzani has broken his silence on Twitter sharing when he will leave the club