By Craig Scott

19th Apr, 2021 | 8:10am

Jamie Carragher sickened by Liverpool ahead of clash v Leeds

Jamie Carragher claims Leeds United versus Liverpool on Monday night will “expose the instantly” behind the concept of the new European Super League.

On Sunday night, Liverpool became one of six English clubs to announce they are forming the ESL, which is closed off for all but 12 clubs in Europe.

It’s an idea that has been universally chastised and Carragher believes that with so many to play for at Elland Road on Monday, Leeds versus Liverpool is a perfect game to highlight just how ridiculous the ESL is.

“Liverpool’s game with Leeds on Monday night could not be better timed to expose the insanity of the closed-shop idea,” Carragher wrote on the Telegraph website.

“It is a game with potentially massive ramifications for Champions League qualification, full of jeopardy, and hence drama.

“Millions will tune in for that reason, emotions running high whatever the result. The same anxious excitement will accompany all of Liverpool’s remaining seven games, which is why the broadcasters pay millions for them.

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“That is the beauty of league football – where every action and point matters. That is why, as a former Liverpool player, it sickens me that my club’s reputation is being damaged by the arrogance of an ownership group that wants to remove such peril, creating a culture where we no longer need to fight to earn our success. That is the antithesis of everything I understand football – especially in my city – to stand for.”

Do it, we dare you

The idea of a European Super League is a completely ridiculous one that has one sole advantage for the clubs that are involved in it – money.

Other than money, it’s going to be the same 12 teams playing each other over and over again in some kind of weird groundhog day.

Will anyone watch it? As neutrals, we won’t. It’s unlikely that supporters of those 12 clubs will be too concerned by winning a title no one cares about either.

It’s like the FIFA Club World Cup. That was a good concept as it pitted continental title winners against each other but been around for a while and does anyone care about it? Only those who are taking part do and even then, at least there’s a chance for different teams to play in it each year.

The ESL is a horrific idea with one sole motivator – greed.

Leeds, you need to beat Liverpool on Monday night. Not just for yourselves but for football as a whole. Show that rotten club up.

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