The Premier League has hatched an ambitious plan to start the season again in May behind closed doors and finish by July 12, but it could prove disastrous to Leeds United and West Brom. 

There’s no contingency for the EFL in this plan and talkSPORT pundit Ally McCoist has said “it’s wrong” to prioritise one league over another.

The plan, reported by the Mail, is set to be discussed in a meeting of all 20 Premier League clubs on Friday but it will also need to be endorsed by the government, the PFA and public health bodies.

The reason for the early start is that the Premier League has a “watertight” deal with Sky Sports and BT Sport that would see them owing up to £762m deal if the season isn’t finished by July 16.

However, the Premier League is going it alone and the report says that there is no guarantee that the Championship will be completed.

It also says a more radical plan is being discussed which would see no promotion or relegation for the 19/20 season because the integrity of the league has been threatened.

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Talking on the Breakfast show (talkSPORT, Tuesday, 6.30am), McCoist said the idea was “wrong”.

“I’ve got to be honest, I’m against games being played behind closed doors,” said McCoist.

“Games without fans loses just about everything for me. There’s something not right about it. But make no mistake about it, this is a financial decision, people will want to get games finished.

“But we’re making rules for some and not for others. Football used to be the same for everyone and now it’s not.

“It’s saying that it’s more important financially for the Premier League to finish above other leagues. I think it’s wrong.”

leeds united

We’re with McCoist on this. As huge football fans, we’d love for the Premier League to re-start, when safe, as soon as possible.

However, it can’t be prioritised over the Championship and we can’t see the EFL being given permission to play in May as well. That would surely put too much strain on the medical services.

This decision is financial and £762m is a lot of money. But if the Premier League does vote to suspend promotion and relegation, Leeds and West Brom won’t take it lying down and we’d expect legal action.

However, if the Premier League finishes and the EFL doesn’t resume, how does promotion get resolved? There’s the possibility of Leeds and West Brom being handed promotion but we’d prefer to earn it.

It’s a flawed plan and one we can’t get behind.

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