talkSPORT journalist Alex Crook has delivered a stark warning to Leeds United and West Brom about a growing move among EFL clubs to void the 19/20 season.

Crook was talking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show on Friday morning (talkSPORT) and sent a tweet out subsequently that said there was a “growing clamour” to void the 19/20 season.

The reason is that many clubs can’t afford to delay the next season and the further loss of revenue from season tickets.

That follows the FA voiding all leagues below National North/South on Thursday.

Talking on talkSPORT, Crook said, “It’s a really tricky situation for a lot of clubs and a lot of chairmen.

“It’s my understanding that the EFL has been in contact with its 72 member clubs to say the prospect of resuming at the end of April, that was the last plan, is not going to happen given the global situation.

“That’s going to be a real problem for lots of clubs outside the Premier League, clubs that rely this time of the season on ticket sales and the sale of hospitality packages for next season. The coffers are running short.

“You mention Leeds and West Brom, they’re not going to be in favour of expunging the season as it would probably mean they don’t go up to the PL, and therefore that would have huge implications for them… What is it now, £200m?

“A lot of leagues have voided the season and it has given EFL chairmen food for thought.”

leeds united

The feeling among senior figures in the game has been that the season should be finished.

However, that’s now up against a number of lower league clubs who seemingly want the season voided for financial reasons.

It’s tough to envisage a scenario where the Premier League and the EFL don’t work in tandem, because of promotion and relegation issues.

However, the big money is at the top of the game and it’s been reported the Premier League would face a £750m bill if it doesn’t finish the season.

Given that, there’s perhaps a deal to be struck whereby the season is finished but the Premier League has to give a significant sum to the lower leagues to keep the teams afloat.

That would cost a lot but it would dwarf in comparison to the potential £750m bill.

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