Michael Owen is the latest pundit to weigh in on the incident involving Leeds United’s Ian Poveda and Chelsea’s Ben Chilwell, with the BT Sport man labelling the former as a ‘very honest player’.

Speaking on Premier League productions, Owen was reflecting on the incident that saw the defender clip Poveda inside the box, only for no penalty to be given.

Nothing was made of the incident during the game, with the winger doing his best to stay on his feet, rather than going down following the contact.

Owen refused to blame the player for not going down, but did question some of the officiating throughout the Premier League, saying, “Very honest player. The manager in the dressing room would be thinking ‘I have just watched Mo Salah, I just have watched people like Grealish, Danny Welbeck last week. I have watched all these players, Sterling today, I watch all these players and they get half the touch you’ve just got’.

“Honesty gets you nowhere is the bottom line and it can’t be like that. Now, I admire the lad for staying on his feet and I think he should stay on his feet. And I don’t think you should be given a penalty for that.”

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Consistency please

It’s heartbreaking for Leeds, it really is. Especially when you compare it to the penalties that have been given in recent weeks across the Premier League.

One that Owen referenced was the penalty that Brighton were awarded against Liverpool when Andy Robertson committed a very similar foul on Danny Welbeck. While it looked innocuous at the time, the former England international went down and upon a VAR review, the penalty was given.

It’s a no-win situation for either Leeds or Poveda – while it’s nice of Owen to recognise the young winger’s desire to stay on his feet, it doesn’t feel like he has been rewarded for staying on his feet either, especially if no penalty was given!

After all, staying on their feet is what players are supposed to do, right?

It was an incident that could have changed the result drastically for both sides and Leeds will have every right to feel aggrieved about the lack of consistency.

The game was 2-1 to Chelsea at the time and with hindsight, Poveda might feel like he should have gone down and got the spot-kick.

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