Stuart Dallas has said that he’s “disappointed” in Kalvin Phillips for calling him the biggest moaner at Leeds United.

Phillips made the claim on Soccer AM and Dallas, without a hint of humour, rejected this on the latest episode of the Soccer Six podcast.

“Kalvin Phillips did a thing on Soccer AM where he said I was the biggest moaner but I don’t know where he gets that from,” Dallas said.

“I don’t really moan on the pitch. I think what Kalvin is getting at, when the [training] programs come through I just like having a moan, but nothing major.

“I do the work, I’m disappointed in Kalvin that he’s said that about me.

Asked by host Laura Woods about lockdown, Dallas backtracked a little bit.

“I did have a moan-up during lockdown, I’m not going to lie,” Dallas said.

“It was difficult. We have a running track installed at the training ground and we weren’t allowed in at the same time, so I tended to go in and do my running round there and I did have a moan-up because some of the sessions were ridiculous.”

Leeds United

Super worker

Dallas was brilliant on the Super 6 podcast, but we’re still trying to work out if he was genuinely upset at what Phillips said.

If the British are said to have a dry sense of humour then Dallas was taking this to a new level on the podcast.

He delivered his lines deadpan and never hinted that he was joking.

We think Dallas was just keen to point out that he puts the work in and occasionally, like every player, occasionally moans.

No one connected with Leeds are in any doub that Dallas puts the hard yards in.

His season heatmap is actually ridiculous. As Leeds said in the tweet, “Water covers two-thirds of the Earth, Stuart covers the rest!”

Dallas has gone from utility player to actual superstar who’s one of the most valuable Leeds players at the moment.

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