Ian Wright applauds Angus Kinnear's slamming of the ESL

Ian Wright applauded Angus Kinnear after the Leeds United managing director condemned the ESL along with the big six in his Manchester United programme notes.

Kinnear was scathing in his criticism, blasting the timing of the breakaway and the “clandestine plotting” of the clubs involved.

He labelled the European Super League a betrayal of every fan and Wright supports his comments, and he tweeted a number of clapping emojis along with a love heart in response.

In his programme notes, Kinnear said, “The audacity of a resurgent Leeds United, an ambitious Aston Villa, a brilliantly managed Leicester City, a Champions League-bound West Ham United and an Everton with bold stadium plans have clearly overwhelmed the self-proclaimed “big six”.

“The timing of their plan combined with the turmoil of a global pandemic was not coincidental it was deeply cynical, and the clandestine plotting of fellow Premier League shareholders made it all the more seditious.

“Whether the collective intent was a genuine move to breakaway or the act of playground bullies seeking to negotiate leverage at European and domestic level by threatening to take their ball home is irrelevant.

“The result was a betrayal of every true football supporter.”

Hit the nail on the head

Kinnear speaks for every Whites fan in his condemnation of the big six.

The manner in which they went behind our backs and tried to turn the football world on its head is utterly appalling and they are rightly getting their comeuppance.

Uefa chief Aleksander Ceferin has said the 12 clubs involved will “face sanctions” [Daily Mail] and that is the just response for attempting to undermine the big European leagues.

Kinnear made a good point about the big six being wary of clubs like Leeds.

Our performances against the big sides have been very impressive this season, and the recent win against Manchester City was a shock to their system.

We are making big strides on and off the pitch and we could easily threaten the European qualification places over the next few years.

That is what these clubs are wary of, and that is exactly why the idea of the ESL was so wrong and unfair.

In other Leeds United news, Phil Hay has made a worrying 49ers claim about the Glazers and FSG as Leeds take stance on ESL.