Jamie Carragher devoted his column in The Telegraph this week to Marcelo Bielsa and the return of Leeds United to the Premier League. 

Carragher paid tribute to Bielsa and said that he thinks Jurgen Klopp will view the Leeds game as a “nightmare”, in direct contrast to how he would have viewed the first game of last season against Norwich.

“I cannot wait to see how Bielsa goes about re-establishing the club in its natural home, the top tier of English football,” Carragher wrote.

“Leeds will not follow the path of most promoted clubs, going into matches to defend deep and play on the counter-attack. Bielsa will try to impose his possession-based style in every game, including against the champions at Anfield on Sunday.

“It remains to be seen if it is brave or naive to attempt to beat Klopp’s Liverpool by outpassing them, but I am sure Bielsa will stick to his principles. Might that be too idealistic? That may be clearer by Saturday night.”

Carragher ended the column by writing, “I do not believe for one second the summit of Bielsa’s ambition this season is to keep Leeds up. Lionel Messi’s decision to stay at Barcelona denied us the chance to see the most exciting player to ever work in the Premier League. In his compatriot Bielsa, we instead welcome one of the most watchable managers.”

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What a brilliant column from Carragher. If you haven’t read it already, you should check it out now.

We’ve been watching Sky Sports and listening to talkSPORT closely this week and no team has been talked about as much as Leeds.

West Brom and Fulham – the two other promoted clubs – have hardly been mentioned, except for being tipped to go straight back down.

The majority of pundits have said they think Leeds will survive in the Premier League and it sounds like most of them want them to.

It’s an odd position for Leeds fans to be in – the role of neutral’s favourite isn’t one the supporters are used to.

However, it shows that Bielsa has put them on the map as well as taking them back to the big time.

Carragher talks about Klopp viewing the game as a “nightmare” but this will be one of the sternest tests of Bielsa as manager and Leeds as a team.

We can’t wait for the game but we’re sure we will be watching from between our fingers at times.

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