By David Woods

21st Jul, 2020 | 8:11am

'Hello Adidas', 'I'm so pumped' – These Leeds fans react to official club post

Leeds United are set to announce a new kit deal with Adidas in the near future as the sportswear giants take the club into the Premier League. 

Athletic journalist Phil Hay has said that the announcement is coming soon and Leeds fans now think that could be imminent after the club put out a post saying goodbye to Kappa.

Their deal has been extended because of the Coronavirus pandemic but it will officially come to an end after the Charlton game on Wednesday.

That could trigger a number of announcements, with Leeds set to be presented with the Championship trophy following the game.

That will kick the parties off again in Leeds after the city has just recovered from a very heavy weekend of celebrating.

Phil Hay had previously said in a Q&A that the Adidas kit would be announced, “Either just before or very soon after the last game of the season… Three stripes at the ready.”

It’s yet another exciting chapter in what’s been a glorious season for the club and fans reacted to the Leeds post with excitement.

There were also some fans keen to point out that Kappa has done a good job for the club and produced some memorable kits.

The overriding emotion is one of excited anticipation for Adidas, though, and we hope that company doesn’t let us down. We’re expecting – nay demanding – a truly iconic kit.

Here are the best reactions from excited fans…

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